The Bible contains many passages where we, the readers, are urged to take seriously the study of it.  More than that, we are instructed to ensure that the truth of God’s word fills our minds, guards our hearts and directs our actions.

This is a blog about the Bible.  My aim for the blog is simply to write about things that I notice during my reading of the Bible.  The entries are intended to be straightforward to read, to stay faithful to the plain meaning of the text and to give some insight into the passages in order to help deepen your walk with God.  My hope and prayer is that you will find these blog posts insightful and helpful and that you will be stirred to a greater appreciation and love of His Word.  However, ultimately our study of the Bible is so that we can get to know Jesus better and better, and so I urge you to pursue Him above all else.

I am beginning with a series of posts about some of the so-called ‘minor characters’ that we encounter throughout the Bible.  These characters do not feature prominently in terms of space but they are noticed, valued and important to God and did amazing things in His service.  I think that we can learn much from looking at these individuals, especially if we realise that what we do is important to God, even if we feel that we do not have an important or visible role to play.

An advisory word before you start:  Please read these posts with your Bible open!  I will begin each post by giving the passage of Scripture that I will be writing about.  You will hopefully find yourself so engrossed in what you are reading that you end up not reading this blog.  That is fine!  In fact, if you find yourself deciding between reading the blog or reading the Bible passage, always choose the Bible because ‘The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God endures forever.’ (Is. 40:8 (NASB))

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