Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament


This post is a little different from my normal ones and is to tell you about a project I am involved with which, as a reader of my blog, you might be interested in.

During 2016 I will be running a new blog called ‘Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament’ and can be accessed via  It will consist of 52 weekly snapshots from the Old Testament which illustrate something about Jesus.  This project is a joint effort between various members of the church I am part of.  Apologies it is not a WordPress blog…!

Each weekly post will give a short explanation of the Bible passage with some suggestions for further reading and a question or prompt to reflect upon.  In addition, there will be suggestions for responding creatively to the post by my friend Bernice Hopper.  It isn’t necessary to respond creatively to follow along with the blog.  Throughout the year you will also find creative responses contributed by various members of Jubilee Church Solihull.

You can sign up to the blog through this link to receive email alerts.  The blog currently contains a few introductory posts which explain in a bit more detail how we are going to run it.

I hope that this email sparks your interest and if it does you can sign up for the first installment which will be published on Wednesday 6th January.

This does also mean that things may get quieter for a while on this blog.  However, I do intend to continue to post when time allows.



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