Psalm 29 – The voice of the Lord

God has a voice.

Back at the very start of all things, His voice is the one that spoke the words, ‘Let there be light’.  And there was light (Genesis 1:3).  With His voice He created the universe and all that is in it.  With His voice He communicated with Adam and Eve as they walked in the Garden.  From the first book of Scripture to the last, the voice of the Lord is a feature.  When John is given his Revelation he hears a loud voice which was ‘like a trumpet’ and ‘like the roar of many waters’ (Revelation 1:10,15).

Six times in Psalm 29 ‘The voice of the Lord’ is mentioned and described.  The Psalm paints a picture of the power and might of the effect of His voice.  It is described as being powerful and mighty, breaking trees and stripping forests, producing fire and earthquakes, and thundering over creation.  There is a majesty to His voice which brings cries of ‘Glory’ from those who hear it.

The Lord’s voice matches His position.  Verse 10 describes that ‘The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord is enthroned as king forever’.  He is sat above all chaos and disorder.  His authority as king is established over every situation and for all time.  The One who has this voice is immovable, untouchable, incomparable.

Such a focus on the power, majesty and might of the voice of the Lord and its awe-inspiring effects could easily lead us to feel that God is distant and removed from His people.  Yet the Psalmist doesn’t allow us to think that for long.  He concludes the Psalm by saying that amidst the awesome display of the power of the voice of God, the Lord gives ‘strength to His people and blesses His people with peace’ (v11).  The same voice that flung stars into space, judges nations and maintains the universe speaks peace and wholeness to His people.

Chaos ordered.

Creation tamed.

Power displayed.

The king enthroned.

Strength given.

Peace bestowed.

Are you listening to the voice of the Lord?


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