Psalm 150 – Praise!

I find that it is very easy to complicate things when it comes to the Christian life.  I find I easily catch myself talking about God rather than to God, or thinking about salvation while forgetting the Saviour.  For me, it’s easy to get caught up in focussing on a particular theology or doctrine, rather than contemplating God Himself.  Now, I am not saying that we should never think about theology or doctrine but I often need to be reminded to turn my attention once more to God.

In Psalm 150 the psalmist gives a very simple, one-word solution to distractions: Praise!  Thirteen times he encourages us to praise.  13 times – in just 6 verses!!  It is a simple instruction to those trying to follow God: Praise!

He writes that when we remember His mighty deeds (v2) we should praise.  When we recall His excellent greatness (v2) we should praise!  In fact, whenever we consider God, our response should be praise (v1)!  Praise! Praise! Praise!

And how should we praise?  Well, the psalmist doesn’t give us an exhaustive list.  Instead he simply says, ‘Grab whatever you can and use it to praise!’  Whether it be a trumpet, harp or lyre (v3), a tambourine, strings or pipe (v4) we are to use it to praise.  Whether it be using cymbals, very loud cymbals or saucepans with a wooden spoon on the kitchen floor,* just praise!

And while you’re at it – dance (v4)!  Move.  Jump.  Jig.  Hop.  Dance.  Skip.  Praise God with noise and movement!

The psalmist is saying that praise is easy.  There are no restrictions, no rules, no need to be concerned about what others think.  Why?  Because He is worthy of praise!  And so we are encouraged to join in with everything that has breath (v6) and praise!

So if you’re feeling distracted by other things or distant from God why not stop, pause and consider Him afresh?  And when you do you’ll find you want to praise as it rises up inside you.

And then do it!  Praise Him!

It’s simple really!  Praise the Lord!


* My paraphrase of verse 5!!!

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