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Simon Peter’s mother-in-law: Encountering Jesus & serving Him (Matthew 8:14-17)

Matthew 8:14-17 The third healing in Matthew chapter 8 is that of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law.  Jesus was most likely planning to stay at the house but Simon’s mother-in-law was unwell.  As soon as Jesus arrived He saw her and reached out to touch and heal her.  She was immediately healed and began to serve them! […]

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The Centurion: Faith in the authority of Jesus (Matthew 8:5-13)

Matthew 8:5-13 The second miracle recounted in Matthew chapter 8 is that of the centurion’s servant.  It is an immediately surprising story.  The first surprise is that the centurion would have been a member of the Roman army and therefore a Gentile but He was interested in seeking Jesus’ help.  Luke’s account of the story […]

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The Leper: Relying on the mercy of Jesus (Matthew 8:1-4)

Matthew 8:1-4 It takes until chapter 8 of Matthew’s account of the life of Jesus before he describes a specific healing and then, like buses, three come at once!  Matthew has already told of Jesus ‘going throughout Galilee, … healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness’ (Matthew 4:23) and of the crowds […]

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