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Tychicus: God’s Postman (Colossians 4:7-9)

Very often we define ourselves, or find ourselves defined by, what we do.  Upon meeting someone, after exchanging names our second question is usually, ‘So what do you do?’  Our occupation, field of work or career therefore communicates to others something about us which begins to define us as a person. So on that basis […]

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Diotrephes: Who loves to be first (3 John 9,10)

Read 3 John 9,10 on BibleGateway An introductory warning: All of my posts so far on ‘The Sharpened Sword’ have focussed on easily unnoticed characters that appear in the pages of Scripture. Each person, though, has provided an example for us to imitate as we seek to live lives that honour God. This post is […]

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