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Psalm 142 – A prayer from a cave

Sometimes the Psalms give insights even before they begin!  Psalm 142 is one of those.  Before we read verse 1 we read: ‘A Maskil of David, when he was in the cave. A prayer.’  The cave in question is the cave of Adullam and we read about David’s time in this cave in 1 Samuel […]

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Psalm 13 – In the face of sorrow

One of the things I find so appealing about the Psalms is the way they articulate the full range of human emotions.  They often provide a way for me to articulate feelings I lack the vocabulary or clarity to voice. Psalm 13 is such a psalm.  A feature of the psalm which strikes me is […]

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Psalm 46 – Comfort amid turmoil

I don’t usually tie the content of my posts in with current events.   Today I am going to make an exception.  Yesterday my country voted to leave the European Union.  Yesterday my vote was cast for a losing cause.  Today I woke up concerned about what had happened overnight.  There was a horrible feeling in […]

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