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The Merarites: Carrying tent pegs (Numbers 4:29-33)

The people of Israel were a tribal people. Jacob (also known as Israel) was the nation’s founding father and he had twelve sons. Each of these sons became head of a tribe and these twelve tribes made up the nation. One of the tribes was the tribe of Levi. God set apart the Levites for […]

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Psalm 150 – Praise!

I find that it is very easy to complicate things when it comes to the Christian life.  I find I easily catch myself talking about God rather than to God, or thinking about salvation while forgetting the Saviour.  For me, it’s easy to get caught up in focussing on a particular theology or doctrine, rather […]

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Titius Justus: A Worshipper of God (Acts 18:7)

How would you describe yourself?  If you had just a few words or a short sentence to sum up what you think you are like, what is it that you would say?  How do you want to be remembered? Often an epitaph etched onto a gravestone indicates what others thought of a person’s life.  It […]

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