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Psalm 136 – The Refrain of History

Psalm 136 is so simple and yet so profound.  Even the briefest reading of it will enable you to capture the central thought: ‘His steadfast love endures forever’.  Repeated as the second half of every single one of the 26 verses, it is clear what the Psalmist’s key theme is! At one level the refrain […]

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Shiphrah & Puah: God’s midwives (Exodus 1:8-22)

Read Exodus 1:8-22 on BibleGateway There was a stillness in the room now. The cries had quietened down and stopped. The pain had eased. The extreme physical exertion of pushing out a baby was at an end. The tiny baby boy now lay quietly snuggled on his mother. His first cry had been loud and […]

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Bezalel & Oholiab: Creatively glorifying God (Exodus 31:1-11)

We are creative beings. It makes sense that we should be! We have been created in the image of God and since He is The Ultimate Creator, it makes sense that we should reflect His creativity. The world is full of the evidence of the creativity God has put in people. I am sure that […]

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